Monday, October 29, 2012

Five Ways to Improve Your Website

Hello Everyone,

I have a new post for all of you about five ways to improve your website. I hope you enjoy this, and take a little bit of time to sit down and reflect upon how these things can help your website.

1) Your Design. Many people often underestimate the importance of their website design. Take a look at the colors and check to see if they all work together, and if their all useful.

2) Number of Ads. People won't like it if you have a ridiculous number of advertisements all over your website and the various parts of your website.

3) Widgets. Keep your widgets to a minimum and on the sidebars. Too many widgets can give a distraction to people who are reading your website, and trying to enjoy your article.

4) Text Size. The Text Size of an article is extremely important. If the text size is so small that people can't really see it or understand it it will be useless as a result.

5) Your Marketing Strategy. Your marketing strategy must revolve around each individual post. On top of marketing your entire website, you must also market each individual post and use important keywords from the title in order to help market your website. 

I hope you guys all enjoy this post and find it useful in order to help improve your website and your marketing techniques.